Frozen Ropes!! La Quinta Course Vlog – Peter Finch vs Matt Fryer vs The Average Golfer – Part Two

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Frozen Ropes!! La Quinta Course Vlog – Peter Finch vs Matt Fryer vs The Average Golfer – Part Two

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Volleyball Vacations Highlight Reel

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Have you ever wanted to be coached by the best players in the world while vacationing on a beautiful tropical island? You never know which pros will be there but it is always an all star cast! Ever try to hit a ball around the best blockers in the world Phil Dalhausser and Kerri Walsh then have dinner with them and ask them about their Gold Medals? How about having a beer with Casey Jennings and Sean Rosenthal and ask them about their defensive techniques and how they dig everything. Ask Whitney Pavlik how fun it is to play professionally and how she trains to win tournaments? Hit nectar sets from AL-B Hannemann and Sinjin Smith while April Ross and Jen Kessy are helping you correct your hitting approach. Video Casey Patterson, Brad Keenan, and Matt Olson while they pound balls into the sand then ask them how to improve your vertical jump. These are the opportunities you will have while joining these pros on the upcoming volleyball vacations trips.

Miami Art Basel Ride w/ Adrian Legra

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A quick ride through Miami during Art Basel. Adrian Legra @pedal2timez and I started in Wynwood and ended in downtown Miami. I shot this on this camera: Here’s the link to route we rode:



As always filmed in 4K for your optical pleasure.

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New Zealand Adventure Tours

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We Know New Zealand Like The Back Of Our Hand.

We’re Kiwis, and since the mid-90’s we’ve looked after active people with legendary Kiwi hospitality in the stunning New Zealand outdoors. If you’re into trekking, paddling and biking through parks, valleys, bays and backroads, then you’ll love our adventure trips. Our uber-fun, talented guides will share their favorite haunts with you and you’ll get a chance to challenge yourself a little … or a lot. Off-the-beaten track by day and in cosy lodgings by night, experience the real New Zealand with the locals.

Join us and you’ll have the best adventure. Ever. Get your FREE brochure at:

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West England

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Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | Check your local public television station for this Rick Steves’ Europe episode or watch it on The quintessence of charming England is the “West Country”: quaint Cotswold villages with their fine churches, manor homes, and gastropubs; Wells, England’s smallest cathedral town; and the New Age capital of Glastonbury, with its legends of the Holy Grail and King Arthur. We’ll finish by pondering the dramatic prehistoric stone circles of Stonehenge and Avebury.

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Rick Steves, America’s most respected authority on European travel, writes European travel guidebooks and hosts travel shows on public television and public radio.

Top 3 Travel Bucket List Experiences | Travel Destinations

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TOP 3 AMAZING Places to add to your TRAVEL Bucket List. There is a great big world out there with hundreds of incredible places to visit that nobody really hears about. Experience these epic off the beaten path adventures before everyone else does!

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Planning a Las Vegas Trip 2018: Halloween Vacation in Vegas

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Planning a Las Vegas Trip 2018
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Here is short checklist to use as a guide when you are planning a Vegas trip on Halloween:

Vegas weather this time of year:
The weather for Halloween is usually beautiful. We have awesome weather here in Vegas in the fall! The daytime is nice and warm, and even the nighttime weather is very comfortable.

Vegas Travel Expenses: Hotel Rates, Room Accommodations, Flight Bookings
To travel to Las Vegas for Halloween you can expect that your overall traveling costs to be fairly normal. Halloween generally does not draw a lot of tourists to Las Vegas. It may bring some more people if it falls on a Friday, or even a Monday, and people decide to take an extra day off from work. However, Halloween is normally not that busy of a time for traveling to Las Vegas.
Halloween is a pretty normal priced time of year to travel to Las Vegas

Is Halloween a good time to bring kids on a Vegas family vacation?
If you are looking for a family friendly time to vacation in Vegas then you may want to look at Halloween if you want to do something different and not go trick or treating in your neighborhood. You will see the town decorate in theme with Halloween. We do have haunted houses and other activities available for those that will be in town for the holiday.

Other Vegas travel tips to keep in mind:
Halloween is a generally not a big event on the calendar of Las Vegas tourism, unless it happens to fall on a Friday where people may choose to turn it into a three day weekend.

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I hope these Las Vegas travel tips have been helpful to you. Thank you and enjoy your Las Vegas vacation!

Planning a Las Vegas Trip 2018: Halloween Vacation in Vegas

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Las Vegas Vacation Tips: Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

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Bass Pulls Rod Off of Boat – Angler Gets Rod Back & Fish

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While out shooting some video for my website ( I noticed that my video camera tapes were getting close to the end. It only takes about 30 seconds to change my tapes and get back to fishing. In that time, a nice smallmouth bass pulled my rod right out of the boat. About 10 to 15 minutes later, the bass jumped giving me a chance to go catch the line. Another 3 minutes later from the first jump, it jumped again right next to the boat. In the video, the bass jumps at the :08 and 3:02 marks in the video. I was able to get the rod and fish back, which is pretty amazing since the fish dragged the rod about 100 to 150 feet from the original spot in 15 to 20 feet of water.

Lake Fished: Butternut Lake –

Fishing Holidays In Spain – Family Day Out – L’Alcudia

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L’Alcudia’s former name was Alcudia de Carlet, which was in use during Franco’s regime. After Franco’s death in 1975 and the introduction of democracy in Spain, the name fell into disfavor and the population voted to change it.

The Waterwheel (La Noria), and La Mota, an aqueduct both dating from the 19th century pumped water from the Royal Irrigation Canal of the river Xuquer and provided water to almost the whole area.

For more information on fishing in Spain, please visit:

Shell Vacations Club at The Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix, Arizona

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Arizona Vacations – Shell Vacations Club at The Legacy Golf Resort, Phoenix, AZ. Just 8 miles from Sky Harbor Airport come enjoy the all-suite property in southeast Phoenix the Legacy Golf Resort. Surrounded by our 18-hole championship golf course, the resort provides a very peaceful setting paired with amazing views. Located among the foothills of South Mountain you are just a few minutes from downtown Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale. Our resort boasts some of the largest room accommodations in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

Controversy On The Course – Torrequebrada GC

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This vlog is shrouded in controversy…..what do you think of what transpires…..comment below!!

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