How Will Self-Driving Cars Impact Las Vegas?

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With CES 2019 coming to a close and the recent news about Frias Transportation (a taxi cab company in business for over 50 years in Nevada), I felt it would be a good time to talk about the potential impact that upcoming technology could have in Las Vegas. This video is specifically about self-driving cars, driverless cars, autonomous cars, or any other term that you prefer.

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45 comments on “How Will Self-Driving Cars Impact Las Vegas?

  • DJ40andOver says:

    Just wait until over-the-road trucks go autonomous… The economic churn will be devastating. Don't know what to expect on the other side.

  • sams Lifeinnyc says:

    Hi Jacob do know how much the pay for coach bus driver or tour/shuttle drivers? How about the pay of hotel housekeeper/cocktail servers is it easy to get that kind of job?

  • Peter Teixeira says:

    Planes are driverless but still require pilots. You will never see a world where a driver is not required to be behind the wheel. Technically we will not need to pay car insurance anymore since accidents will be the car's fault no? The lawsuits against the car manufacturers will have them filing bankruptcy in a new york minute.

  • Jon Strumel says:

    Don’t hold your breathe regarding this new technology. It will take another 10 to 15 years to take off, assuming that people will want to get in one of those. If they are reluctant then it won’t become a reality for the next 50 years or so.

  • OnTheGoWithCarson says:

    The idea of self driving cars freak me out! I’m too type A and like to be in control. I’m just not sure if I 100% trust it, however… it would eliminate awkward conversations with Uber drivers… LOL

  • There is one thing you must remember about driverless cars: They will be programmed to keep you in the city you're in. You won't be able to self drive from LA to LV. You'll be required to use a train, plane, or other means of public transportation. This will especially be the case in California, where emissions are an issue with the environmentalists as they push electric vehicles.

  • Vegas doesn't have the best of luck with self driving cars. In 2017 Vegas introduced a "self driving shuttle"….which was involved in a wreck 2 hrs after it's debut. A few days ago at CES, a Tesla "killed" a Promobot robot while in self driving mode.

  • Get back to me about self driving cars in about 2035. The infrastructure does not exist to support self driving cars.

  • The reason the taxi company(s) in Las Vegas closed is that the owner died, the company went into a trust that is liquidating the assets.

  • Cherish Adventure says:

    Jacob you keep saying Vegas will take a hit. How? If driver less cars work out it's good for tourism and the casinos. Where It don't work its with the drivers who use Uber an Lyft as f/t and p/t job with some for income when they are in a bind with money. People will still need food deliver. Don't see them just putting a driver less car on that job.

    Usually with change in one industry it boost other industries. The cars can't maintain themselves so mechanics who are talented will earn big bucks. Repair shops. The auto industry for these cars. Driverless cars aren't cheap it will take a while to become mainstream so people need to plan . Find jobs that would service that industry.

  • RickReviews says:

    I think there will always be a market for an Uber with an Uber driver. The Uber driver doubles as a babysitter and a bodyguard. I know many who don't like public transportation for fear of sitting on a needle. Less likely to happen in a Uber. People less price sensitive might want the human driver.

  • ziggy 2shus says:

    If there is a big TSA airport security walkout due to the govt shutdown —- Las Vegas hotels could have a massive vacancy problem.
    This would be great for people living within driving distance from Vegas, such as, LA, Salt Lake, and Phoenix. Room rates could drop to $10/night (of course,resort fees would remain).

  • We will not have fully atonomous cars till about 2025. They will not get dependable till all the 5g towers are up around the nation. and thats set for 2025. The reason is, the cars to have quick low latency reaction to other cars wont happen till we have a quicker network. But after they get the network up, the cars will be safer than humans driving. I give it 10 years till we all really comfortably sleep in our cars at full speeds from LA to Vegas

  • OneManOneCamera says:

    Once these driverless machines become reliable… good-bye trucking jobs and more. There will be a lot of pain spread around.

  • James Francis says:

    Eventually no one will own cars, they will all be rented with the touch of a button and come pick you up wherever you are. Houses will be built without garages or driveways. Most parking lots will become obsolete. All driving jobs will be gone. It will be a very different world within 50 years in so many ways.

  • James Francis says:

    I don't understand why people fear self driving cars. Yes, there will be accidents, but less than we have from human drivers. Just taking drunk drivers off the road will save many lives. It's time and we should not be afraid of technology because of isolated incidents. We have gas heat in homes and often fatal explosions occur. No one is saying we shouldn't have natural gas heating. Technology is worth the risk.

  • Paul Perez TCPS Est. 1993 says:

    I've always said, "It u need a car that parks, drives & brakes for you, & warns you to stay in ur lane & if there's another car in ur blind spot!" Im sorry but you DO NOT & SHOULD NOT Be Driving PERIOD! Call UBER or LYFT, use public transportation, Planes, Trains & Automobiles (Taxi's etc). & Stay Off The Road, better for me a person who loves Driving & has a collection of MOPARs & NISSANs/Datsuns!

  • Asrafuzzaman Joy says:

    There is company called APTIV PLC already offering Fully autonomous Lyft ride around the Strip to the Las Vegas Downtown.

    Fun fact: people also hated when emailing was a new thing. World is changing and we have to respect them and accept them.

  • Žööky Wįlldé says:

    Self driving car = pure laziness. I don't think we're ready for self driving cars at a high volume level. Too dangerous in my opinion. Still need a human to make decisions. Too much technology is taking too many jobs away, starting with the elevator man.

  • There is no way I am going to get in a driverless car and just can’t see the masses of people going for this. I mean just look at these Tesla accidents we see in news . Keep up great work Jacob!

  • I will never ever ride in one, nor will I drive one. I deal daily with electronics and machinery. Fails all the time. Soooooo,,,, no thanks. What a dumb ass idea. And I don't want one of those things coming at me either.

  • It’s about time, but every car needs to be equipped with proximity sensors and GPS to ensure every car is ready. There’s many privacy issues to be reviewed. Liability issues need to be debated. Self driving cars will likely worsen traffic.

  • Life Gains with Greg says:

    Jacob, thanks again for the Clarity call earlier today. It was awesome! I’m so pumped up about it! I just started to implement one of your suggestions. And I’m really looking forward to implementing the others.

  • Jack Tarasar says:

    Technology is moving at lightning speed now. The Internet started it all, in MY opinion.

    Email killed the FAX machines, although many businesses still have them but they SIT IDLE now. In the early 1980's my Trucking business in SoCal got one of the original FAX machines. You had to have SPECIAL metalized paper (expensive) to RECEIVE a FAX, then take ONE sheet, one sheet ONLY and CLIP it lengthwise on the FAX machine roller. Then, either call on a separate phone line OR call the receiving entity and say "OK, Sending you a FAX. You then, put the phone handset onto the cradle on the FAX machine, dial the phone number. When the phone on the other end answered, a piercing sound like the old analog internet modem handshake sound, the roller would start turning and the sending machine would "talk" to the receiving machine and transfer that ONE PAGE. If you had multiple pages, you had to do them ONE at a time. Remember that this was STILL when phone companies ATT&T, MCI, SPRINT, etc. were charging BY THE MINUTE, PLUS A CONNECT CHARGE!!! Sending a FAX was time consuming and expensive. Next improvement, automatic machines, but required SPECIAL paper on rolls. Then, plain paper FAX machines. One of my in house Freight Salesman brought a NEW plain paper FAX machine in and plugged it into my dedicated FAX line. He wanted $2,400.00 for it!!!! I told him "GET THIS OUT OF HERE NOW". He said, try it for FREE for 30 days. We did, FAXING Customers PROOF OF DELIVERY receipts. The SCAM that companies did at the time was that they would NOT pay an invoice UNLESS they had a copy of the POD. By the time we printed, copied and MAILED that POD, it would give the customer 2-4 weeks that they could delay payment to us. Another scam, they would say "WE NEVER GOT THE POD". And, we would have to mail a SECOND copy. With plain paper FAX machines, they could not use those excuses any longer. So, we got paid quickly. At the end of 30 days, he wanted to REMOVE that $2,400.00 fax machine. It told him "Touch that machine and you are fired" and I PAID him the money. it paid for itself in a month. On a $20,000.00 invoice, the FAX machine saved our business countless carrying costs.

    Flash forward 38 years, and DRIVERLESS CARS are becoming common. Social Media, Email attachments, internet security cameras, PORNO internet cameras with monthly subscriptions. Ya gotta wonder WHAT technology would bring us 38 years from NOW?? Or even 8 years from now??? Fantastic times that we live in, good and BAD.

  • I think that you should of shot this downtown along the driverless bus loop… It will be a number of years before the driverless cars become a common thing to see in LV, as one will see them become common in the Bay Area and other places prior. CES had a number of the vehicles, but the technology still has work to be done, and laws concerning the vehicles are still being worked on.


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