Our FAVORITE RODS + BIG Giveaway!!

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Today, we are going over our Favorite Fishing Rods and fill you in all the details of our BIG GIVEAWAY!!
-To be eligible for the giveaway you must first, purchase any merchandise item from our website: ,
then post a picture of yourself wearing or with your shirt, then tag us in the post on any of our social media pages. Each item purchased and shared with us equals an entry. Example: 3 shirts purchased = 3 entries to the giveaway. Drawings for the giveaway will take place in February to ensure everyone has enough time to get their items!! 🙂

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35 comments on “Our FAVORITE RODS + BIG Giveaway!!

  • You know what Cole and Jay? You two always make a difficult day a better one. Your intro is lovely, and your gear is inspiring.
    I know you are hugh rod fans, but I just recently picked up a reel that was alot more complicated then I imagined. So was raised on spin reels, but bought a bait cast reel thinking it would be a easy transition. Not so! I finally took it back to the fishing store and traded it for a simple spin rod and reel. I just want to catch fish, not deal with backed up line. A lesson on how to use a bait cast real would be a great video. Lol
    Love to you both, and hopefully soon I can pick up one of your cool new 'Nature Bites' shirts for my Grandson, they are awesome!

  • Brooks Pearce says:

    You need a shirt that has my favorite quote from Jay as seen at 21:39 " Keep an eye on your snake" ( I died laughing when she said that) 🙂

  • Freshwater Snaggin says:

    Cole and Jay. I can’t buy any merch right now because my family is saving up to go to Disney World. But do you have to buy merch in order to be entered into the giveaway

  • Brocolii Random says:

    I love ya both yall r awesome I'm a huge fan from superior Wisconsin I watch all ur videos I love ur tank u cleaned an caught them 5 fish u both make me laugh and smile alot even when I'm having a hard time with depression an when I'm sad I watch ur vlogs and smile and laugh ur very positive about everything a. I appreciate you both happy new year btw I have a disability and love ya both huge fan no other vlogs make my days great except urs

  • or if you want awesome performance and NOT spend a whole paycheck on a rod then use what i use…. UGLYSTICK… great rods … cant break them and they last forever ! in fact i would love to see you guys get a cpl of uglystick ultra lights rods and some crappie reels and light line and do a challenge .

  • Bumper Hopkins says:

    Thank you thank you. 1 question do the reels come with the rods? If not, how do you go about picking the right reels for the set up?

  • I told my wife that I saw a buck today and she said was it a " biggin"??? Lol,, We both watch your show together…12 pointer

  • Carissa Barnes says:

    Hi Cole and Jay, i was watching your fishing rod video. i dont have a rod at the moment coz my exhubbie son took mine and havent be able to buy another one yet but i am in Australia. i wouldnt be able to pay $100 for a fishing rod, couldnt afford that..i love Jarvis Walker's brand of rods but if u want big fish u need to come to Australia! Very Very very Biggons! We fish mainly to feed our families, over here but sometimes for fun but We have so many different sorts of Big fish here in Australia! love yr videos.

  • william higgins says:

    I’ll probably get a bunch of crap for this but I absolutely love my good ole ugly sticks. I have different ones from gills all the way up to steelhead and salmon. The ones I use for bass cost me like $60.00. But everyone has there preferences.

  • Cindy Lincoln says:

    Bla bla bla my favorite rod cost 10 bucks has caught over 3000 pds of fish it's what's on the end of it that matters.


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