You Know…Thailand and Stuff…2019

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This is a short live stream and travel vlog designed to answer a few questions about previous videos on this channel, and to discuss cost of living near Pattaya, Thailand in 2019.

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I really hope you enjoy these live streams and travel vlogs as much as I love making them. They are just another reason I love being an expat in Thailand. Whatever you do today, be sure to DoMoreLife!

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15 comments on “You Know…Thailand and Stuff…2019

  • 38150gkellaway says:

    Hi Jeremy, I’ve been to Thailand many times and still find your videos informative and fun to watch. Keep up the good work and hope to bump into you in Pattaya so I can buy you a nice cold coke cola.
    All the best

  • Michael Alan says:

    What is your opinion on the other channels that exploit the lifestyle of Thailand especially the women over there? Be safe there bro.

  • I can never catch your live stream I have a question I always wanted to ask you how hard is it to teach there with the language barrier

  • I think for you to make a video about your apartment is a good follow up to the budget videos. My experience here suggests that the typical expat would find a reasonably comfortable apartment for a minimum of 13K baht, with 15k being pretty normal for a 1BR of only 30-50 sq meters depending on the location, age of building, etc. A 4K baht apartment suggest living Thai-style, which most westerners would not comfortable for long, unless they considered it a step up from a rented room in a rundown mobile home or something.For someone moving to Thailand from a comfortable life in the west and they want to replicate that here, it's not uncommon to spend 30K bath for a rental, and there are plenty available at that price and beyond. I'd love to see you expand the realm of possibilities presented on your channel to extend a bit beyond the Cheap Charlies. Just my two cents 🙂

  • larry burbridge says:

    you should interview an expat who has been wiped out by a Thai woman or just by living too large and beyond their means. There are plenty in pattaya. It would be a great eye opener for those who think they can party every day or get hooked up with the wrong woman and still make it out intact.

  • Franz Captain Clipboard says:

    VISAS TO THAILAND .. Agency and solicitors/ lawyers are for lazy people as all documentation as Richard (Jeremy's better half lol) suggests going straight to the Thai embassy .. no need to go to any agency / lawyer etc

  • I think " How much does it cost to live in Thailand?" question is kinda stupid. People are different, with varying personal needs, wants, desires. Some are fine living in a farm eating rice and others, in a luxury condo eating a gogo girl. Btw, Calling Patttaya ,Pats is so American; we Americans like to shorten everything 'cuz we are lazy.

  • Keith SavageONE says:

    Jeremy! I'll be in Bangkok for training but headed home to rest in Pattaya afterwards. Keep it cranking brother. Jan 24 – Feb 3rd


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